Sunday, December 18, 2016

The RPG Character Library: Stuperheroes

Stuperheroes is one of the games that I purchased and devoured many years ago when I was very much into making funny, niche role-playing games. It is a game in which you play a third-rate superhero with terrible powers going up against actual, albeit still silly, supervillains.

Some of the mechanics in the game are interesting. Bullets fired from guns technically do 3 Hurt if they hit you. However, most bullets in the game use what's known as the "A-Team Rule," which means that a) you only have to dodge once per round no matter how many bullets are flying at you and b) if you do get hit, you only get winged in the shoulder for 1 Hurt.

The rest of the system isn't particularly workable, however. Everything is decided on coin flips (heads you win, tails you lose), with automatic successes occurring every time you make the GM (or BMD--Big Mac Daddy) laugh. You can Rock/Paper/Scissors the BMD to get things to go your way, and you can also play Truth or Dare in order to heal yourself.

There aren't stats or skills to speak of. You get three randomly rolled stuperpowers and that's pretty much it. The deluxe edition allows you to randomly roll your origin story. I also randomly rolled my battle cry, because they listed six examples and I have a plethora of d6s.

So, here's my character.

Origin Story
From an eccentric aunt, you inherited some bionic chitlins!

Battle Cry
"For the glory of pants!"

Drop 60’ Toilets from the Sky!
Twenty-Three Car Pileup!
Mentally Tie Shoelaces Together!

I think I might have been more satisfied with this character if I had gotten powers that gelled together in some way. I'm not sure what sort of character this is, and there simply isn't enough there for me to come up with something. 

As I mentioned in a previous post, one of the things I like about the old school games is that random dice rolls can inform things about your character. This can be as basic as the old D&D standby, "my Strength is high, so I'm playing a warrior," or it can be a little bit more subtle, like Harry Christmas' high Fingerprinting skill indicating that maybe he worked for a police lab before becoming a PI.

With this, I don't know. The game says to base my character off of one of my powers, but I'm not...

Oh wait. I just realized I rolled up Mayhem from the Allstate commercials.  

The city's in good hands, I guess!

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