Thursday, February 16, 2017

Introducing Grey the Mercenary!

I've said this just about everywhere else, so I might as well say it here: I published a novella on Amazon.

It's called A Street Rat of Salagena: A Grey the Mercenary Tale. It's the first in what, I hope, will be a series of novellas featuring the interlinked adventures of a mysterious, bad-ass swordsman who goes by the name of Grey.

In this, the first installment, Grey crosses paths with and helps out an orphan of Salagena, one Suzanna de la Calle. She is on the run from slavers, who are intent on abducting her for some nefarious purpose. Grey helps her to escape and then works with her to get at the roots of a strange conspiracy in Salagena.

You can check it out on Amazon, if you like, by clicking the image below. You can also find it on Kobo! Thanks in advance!

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