Thursday, September 24, 2015

Velour Thursdays: Velour and Go-Go Boots, Season One

I have an exciting announcement to make!

I am starting to gather together a really great group of writers and gamers for the purposes of making the first supplemental product for Velour and Go-Go Boots.  What is this product you ask?  Why, I'm more than happy tell you, Hypothetical Internet Denizen!  It's a little something I like to call:

Velour and Go-Go Boots:  Season One

The First Year of an X-Year Journey
Where X is the Number of Seasons We'll Have Written Right Before We Burn Out

Since the second draft of Velour and Go-Go Boots, the game's adventures have been referred to as Episodes (in keeping with the fact that 99% of my inspiration came from a very popular TV show).  Words, as any writer knows, have power, and the moment I named the adventures Episodes was the moment I started to think that maybe we could rename other things.  Like, instead of a Campaign of linked Adventures, I could have a Season of linked Episodes.

While this was an entertaining idea, the amount of work that needed to bring it to fruition was too much for just one person, especially when that one person has a lot of other projects to work on and also chronic attention issues. Luckily, some close friends of mine in "the industry" expressed an interest in sharing brainstorming and writing duties with me. It is through their generous donations of both their talent and time that I am able to get this project off the ground.

The tentatively-named Season One comprises fifteen Velour and Go-Go Boots episodes.  Some of them will be standalones (referred to in gamer parlance as "one-shots"); some will be linked  (in which characters or themes from a an episode will appear in a future episode); and some will make up a multi-part arc that spans the season.  At present, the arc stretches across 5-6 episodes and culminates in the dramatic season finale.

What are the benefits of doing something like this, you ask?  Well, consider that this supplement will:

Expand on the tidbits given out in the main book and give players and GMs more detailed worlds to explore and species and cultures with which to interact.

Allow a diverse stable of skilled writers will create a much richer and more deeply textured environment than would be beyond the capabilities of one person writing alone (and by "one person writing alone," I mean me, Geoff Bottone).
Give new GMs and players a complete campaign that can be played through to a satisfying resolution with a minimum of prep work on their part.
Let GMs who want to tell their own stories fit their own episodes into Season One.  Did you like the Delshz ambassador from S1:E5 and want to explore their background some more?  That's great!  Just write up S1:E5a and you're good to go! 

The Writers (and Their Incomplete Writing Credits)

Joe Blomquist:  Superhuman, Smallville, Marvel Heroic, RDI Appetizer

Bob Dunham:  Lexicon LARP, The CHANGE BOMB LARP, V&GGB 

Dave Kalis:  RDI Guide to Inns and Taverns 

Jonathan Lavallee:  Gaesa, Cybergeneration, Critical!: Go Westerly, Suitors
So that is the project as it stands right now.  Work will, of course, continue on the main rulebook, since Season One cannot be played without it.  In the meantime, my slowly-growing stable of writers and I will be hard at work brainstorming and crafting a solid product to expand upon the Velour and Go-Go Boots line.

That's all I can report for now, but watch this space.  There'll be more coming in the weeks and months ahead!

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